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FEATURE: 1960 Triumph TR3A

Restored 1960 Triumph TR3AClassic vehicle restorations often commence with the intent of bringing back some sentimental motoring memories, or because someone is finally able to build and drive their longtime dream car. Thanos Kourliouros embarked on his overhaul of this vintage 1960 Triumph TR3 for a much more practical reason: reliable transportation.

Restored 1960 Triumph TR3A

Thanos Kourliouros

Kourliouros wanted the British tourer to take him to and from college classes. The Vernon Hills resident located the vintage droptop in Glenview in the winter of 1973. “The car was parked behind an apartment building and wasn’t running,” Kourliouros said. “The top was torn, the cabin was full of snow and all four tires were deflated.”

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Restored 1960 Triumph TR3ARestored 1960 Triumph TR3ARestored 1960 Triumph TR3ADSC_5182_72Restored 1960 Triumph TR3ADSC_5188_72Restored 1960 Triumph TR3A


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