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BARN FIND: Chevrolet Camaro

DSC_8663_72If this well-weathered Camaro isn’t classified as a ‘barn find’, then we don’t know what is. We found the rusted Chevy muscle car parked outside of a picturesque rural Indiana barn and had to stop for a closer look. No clear indication was apparent as to why it’s been relegated to non-use duty as even the Mastercraft tires seemed to still have air in them. Perhaps some blown powertrain components are to blame or owner’s disinterest in their once beloved cruiser. However this bowtie machine ended up in the weeds, here’s to hoping it gets back on the road soon.

DSC_8662_72 DSC_8661_72 DSC_8660_72 DSC_8659_72 DSC_8658_72 DSC_8657_72______________________________________________________________________

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