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Rolling Meadows cruise night.It’s always nice to have a place to call home. For us in the car hobby, it can be you’re favorite cruise night, burger joint or even local park. It’s where you can usually be found and a place you’re familiar with and one you like being at. We here at Classic Recollections are very pleased to report that we now have just that sort of place, albeit in cyberspace. It’s on the Daily Herald website. While our content, stories and photo galleries have always been available for viewing there, we now have a designated landing page and navigation to make it even easier to find. How do you do it, you ask? It’s simple. If you head to the you’ll see in the upper left corner a tab titled ‘Sections’. Click on it and a drop down appears. Under ‘Lifestyle’ you’ll find Classic Cars and clicking on that will take you to the brand new Classic Car page. To even further simply the process, you can just bookmark This is where you can read up on the latest ‘Classic Recollections’ stories and even check out what events are happening near you, all the while catching up on other local community news. We’re thrilled and hope you stop by often.

The two steps are detailed below.

Daily Herald Classic Car Page

From, click on ‘Sections’.

Classic car tab on the Daily Herald.

Under the ‘Lifestyle’ tab is the brand new ‘Classic Cars’ page.

That’s not all of the excitement for us.  We’re coming down the home stretch to our first ‘Daily Herald Cruise Night’ of 2015. It will be June 17th from 5-8pm at Stratford Square Mall. Click the link below to register and get all the details and be sure to like us on Facebook.

Click here to register for the 2015 Stratford Cruise Night!


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