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DREAM GARAGE: Getz Hot Rod Innovations, Hampshire IL

After pouring so much into their hobby, many classic car enthusiasts worry about what will become of their automotive passions and possessions. Terry Getzelman spent years putting together his classic car

DREAM GARAGES: ‘Mr. Ed’ Schoenthaler Collection

If you were in the market to go fast during the 1960s, help came in the form of Mr. Ed. Not to be confused with the popular equine, Ed Schoenthaler

This dream garage was built to look like the Las Vegas strip.

When auto collectors look for inspiration to design a cool, custom storage environment for their four-wheeled treasures, they usually think glowing neon lights, checkerboard patterns

DREAM GARAGE FEATURE: 1950s Oldsmobile Basement
These classic Oldsmobile cars are stored in a dream garage - in a basement!

A basement isn’t usually regarded as an impressive area of a family home and certainly not the first spot to take guests. Bob Albrecht’s unfinished basement wouldn’t be particularly noteworthy if it wasn’t for he

DREAM GARAGES: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Collection
Rich has accumulated a dream collection of muscle 1969 Chevrolet Camaros.

Rich Gregory has a long history of enjoying the best four-wheeled machines Chevrolet offers, including his personal collection of Chevelles and Corvettes. But once the


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