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2015 VTR Triumph National Convention: Lake Geneva, WI

2015 Triumph Convention

2015 Triumph ConventionJohn Kolton’s love for Triumph sports cars emerged early one morning in 1975. He had just knocked off work on an overnight shift when a co-worker buzzed (more…)

Milwaukee Masterpiece: 1958 Buick Limited Convertible

1958 Buick Limited Convertible

1958 Buick Limited ConvertiblePlano residents Ken and Carole Nagel took home the Best of Show award with their 1958 Buick Limited convertible at the 2015 Milwaukee Masterpiece (more…)

1931 Ford Model A Pickup Truck


Mike Malesevic is a lifelong gearhead, always itching to tinker with a new four-wheeled toy. In 2012, a friend tipped him off about a 1931 Ford Model A. Far from roadworthy, the project had been started but was nowhere near complete. (more…)

2015 Indian Uprising All Pontiac Car Show, St. Charles, IL

2015 Indian Uprising All Pontiac Car Show, St. Charles, IL

2015 Indian Uprising All Pontiac Car Show, St. Charles, IL

Some like sleek and fast. Others prefer big and wide. Jim Biebrach has found himself drawn more and more to the “big, wide-bodied cars.” Biebrach bought his 1958 Pontiac (more…)

Lincoln Continentals



Sean and Bryan Bransky inherited a deep love of classic motoring from their father, Ron. Ron was a lifelong mechanic who worked professionally in the automotive industry. In 1958 he purchased and managed a (more…)


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