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1960 Ford Thunderbird

1960 Ford Thunderbird

1960 Ford ThunderbirdDennis Roxworthy has his mother to thank for his extreme love of Thunderbirds. His father was a staunch supporter of practical family transportation but she forbid the purchase of anything that wasn’t sporty. (more…)

1961 Chrysler 300F

1960 Chrysler 300F

1960 Chrysler 300FNoel Hastalis inherited his love of unusual Chrysler vehicles from his father. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, the family rode in such unique rides as a 1955 Windsor, ’63 Newport and ‘ Imperial. (more…)

FEATURE: Midwest Movie Cars

Model T_greenScreen_Lead photo_72

Model T_greenScreen_Lead photo_72

While very few of us are destined to become the next Hollywood star, it is quite possible that your four-wheeled creation may one day cruise across the silver screen. (more…)

FEATURE: 1960 Triumph TR3A

Restored 1960 Triumph TR3A

Restored 1960 Triumph TR3AClassic vehicle restorations often commence with the intent of bringing back some sentimental motoring memories, or because someone is finally able to build and drive their longtime dream car. Thanos Kourliouros embarked on his overhaul (more…)

CAR SHOW: 1960 Chevrolet Nomad Wagon

This 1960 Chevrolet Bel Air station wagon was unrestored and caught attention at the 2012 Berwyn Route 66 car show in Chicago Illinois.

Unrestored classic Chevrolet wagons are always a treat to see.If you’re like most, some of your fondest motoring memories are cramming in the family station wagon for that long summer roadtrip or local spin to the carnival. We’ve taken a look at some haulers that are meant to haul in a straight line but this 1960 Chevrolet Nomad wagon looks like just the ticket for taking the back roads low and slow, while still carrying a (more…)

VIDEO: 1960 Ford Sunliner

1960 Ford Sunliner

While attending the 2012 ‘Back to the Beach’ Car Show, held at Arlington Toyota in Palatine, Illinois, we had a chance to catch up with a few of the owners for in-depth video interviews on their classic machines.

One such event participant was Tony Liedig, who owns this fully restored 1960 Ford Sunliner. From its glossy, mirror-black paint to its factory-fresh red interior, we knew we had to get a closer look at this stunning drop top.


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