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SPECIAL: Merry Christmas Car Enthusiasts!

A Year One Chrismtas burnout!

A Year One Chrismtas burnout!The holidays can be the perfect time to let your inner creativity show. This year for Christmas, the musclecar-loving crew at YearOne used a Pontiac Firebird, a nice smokey burnout and a bit of imagination to (more…)

FEATURE VIDEO: 1947 Chevrolet 3100 & 2003 Chevrolet SSR

3100 & SSR

It’s not uncommon for automakers to seek inspiration from previous models for their current offerings – especially when it comes to performance vehicles. What is a bit more rare is for the owners of the modern machines to seek out those earlier versions their high-tech cruisers were based on. One such enthusiast is Cliff Steif, who nabbed a 2003 Chevrolet SSR and then realized he had to have its predecessor – a 1947 3100 pickup. After both received a thorough going-over, the rolling result is a pair of custom haulers whose subtle decades-apart differences are hardly ever noticed.

FEATURE VIDEO: 1969 Camaro Z/28

1969 Camaro Z/28

Childhood impressions are powerful motivators and one that has stayed with Mike Kochanski ever since he was a small boy was the sight of a LeMans Blue 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. He never forgot the first time he saw that muscle-bound Chevy at a Union 76 gas station just down the street from his family home. Right then and there he vowed to have one and eight years later, that dream came true. Decades have passed since then but even after all that time, he’s still held on to his fantasy Z/28, restoring it into the perfect V8 bruiser.


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