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Retro or old classic games have a special place in many of our hearts, as they remind us if times when life was simpler and easier. This is why, many of those who are nostalgic are looking for newer versions of old classic games and enjoy playing them by reminiscing of the old times. Such classic old games can be a great way to have fun and be relaxed, getting away from the troubles of the mundane life.

This is exactly what our site is about – we cater to the needs of those who enjoy such old classic games, and we help them find the best ones. So, if you think about going back in time with some awesome games, stay with us, we always have fresh suggestions for old classic games you might’ve forgotten about.

Best Old Classic Games of All Time

If you want to play some cool retro games, we have suggestions on the best ones. Our experts are enthusiastic about old classic games, which is why we do the research and constantly update our lists of the best retro games. So, don’t spend hours and hours online searching for the best games as we have the ultimate suggestions for you in the list below, and we’ve divided them by genre. So, pick your genre, find your game, and play on, you’ll have the time of your life:


Today’s sports games are packed with incredible graphics and are more realistic than life itself. However, there are some old school classics that we all must try at least once like Pong or Football for example which were popular in the 1980s. Also, ExciteBike or Duck Hunt are great too. We’d suggest you try the Double Dribble or the RBI Baseball if you enjoy other sports like baseball and basketball. Or, if you are a fan of boxing, try Punch-Out again.


Action games are always interesting and can give you a great adrenaline rush. If you like cartoony kid-friendly games we’d suggest Mario Bros, the Prince of Persia or Donkey Kong. However, if you like something scarier and full of action – Quake and Hexen are both a great option for you.


Brain training and challenging games aren’t something the new game developers thought of, they’ve been on the market for some time, and as such, they have some great classical games in the genre. If you like old-school puzzles and logic games, you should try the Kirby’s Avalanche or The Lost Vikings.


If you like building a strategy and winning the game based on your strategy, you’ll surely enjoy the old classics of strategy games from Panzer General to Command and Conquer, to Warcraft II and Total Annihilation, these retro PC games will sweep you off your feet.

Casino Games

Casino games have been on the market for quite some time, and they are always one for the most exciting forms of entertainment, especially since they can win people a lot of real money prizes. Many of these retro games are available now in many forms. From blackjack games, roulette games, themed slots games or bingo games and poker. Many of these casino games can now be found in legal online casinos as they are really convenient and can be played either for real money or for free. You can play blackjack games, poker, or roulette games if you like a challenging online casino game, or if you want something easier try the online themed slots games or the cool bingo games and enjoy winning real money while playing online. The best thing about these legal online casinos is that they give you free money in the form of casino bonuses. For instance, the welcome casino bonus is such casino bonus – it gives you free money the moment you make your first deposit.


Racing games are and have been some of the most popular games. The online gaming community always feels nostalgic and wants to try the old versions of Need for Speed, Pole Position or Sky Hunter. Also, we’d suggest playing the great Super Mario Kart.


If you like retro platformer games, don’t miss out on the chance to play the most popular games amongst the online community: Turrican II:The Final Fight, Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario Bros.

Most Popular Retro Gaming Consoles

The online gaming community loves retro gaming consoles. After thorough discussion and online research, we’ve concluded that these are the best and most popular retro gaming consoles:

1. Super NES Classic

2. Mega Drive Mini/ SEGA Genesis

3. PlayStation Classic

4. Atari Flashback 8

5. Retron 5

Don’t get missed out.

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