SPECIAL VIDEO: Vintage Indian Motorcycle Collection

We first approached Irv Byers after seeing his stately Navajo Blue and Apache Grey 1938 Indian Chief, later going on to publish a full feature and video on the history and restoration process of the handsome two-tone, two-wheeler. While conducting the photo and video shoot on a crisp Chicago fall day, Irv invited us into his personal garage to check out some of his other vintage engine-powered toys. As it turns out, his regal ’38 isn’t the only motorcycle that he and his gearhead son, Al, have restored, maintain and ride. It just happens to be one of several classic Indians that the wrench-turning guys have in their ever-growing collection. Seeing an opportunity too good to pass up, we quickly set up our cameras and let Irv give a brief overview of how his fleet came to be and some of the highlights found on each of his open-road motoring machines.

In the video, you’ll hear about Irv’s 1941 Sport Scout, 1932 Scout Pony and ultra-rare 1925 ‘wedge-tank’ Prince.

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