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FEATURE STORY: 1938 Indian Chief

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In this day and age, its getting harder and harder to find families that keep and preserve special treasures that have endured and been passed on for generations. With the proliferation of Ebay and the multitude of other ways to liquidate those dusty and dirty heirlooms, the harsh reality is that they’re quickly finding their way to new homes and new owners.

Not so with the Byer family. When Henry Byers was a young man in late 1940, he went out to Rockford, Illinois, plunked down his hard-earned cash and purchased for himself a Navajo Blue an Apache Grey ’38 Indian Chief. Henry has since passed, but the ownership of his beloved commuter has been transferred to his brother, Irv, and his son, Al who restored the two-tone machine from the ground up. The father-son duo still ride and enjoy their vintage Indian motorcycle, which has now been cherished by their family for over 70 years. With their unbridled passion for the old cruiser, it’s not going to be leaving anytime soon.

For more details of the restoration and to read the rest of the this two-wheeler’s history, head over to our full story in the Daily Herald.

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