HISTORY: 1965 Shelby GT350

Any discussion of performance automobiles has to include the name Carroll Shelby. Arguably no other man has changed the face of factory performance vehicles more than this Texan race car driver. When health issues forced him off the track in 1960, Carroll turned to designing those high-performance machines that he loved so much. His first effort resulted in the AC Cobra – a lightweight two-seat roadster body powered by a Ford-sourced V8 engine. Impressive race success prompted Ford to approach Carroll in August 1964 about developing a badder version of their fastback Mustang. The result was the 1965 Shelby GT350. Out of the gate, this muscled-up pony hit the ground running, gobbling up track victories and going on to cement Shelby’s name as synonymous with successful race-ready machines. To this day you can still find his name emblazoned on the back of souped-up Mustangs in your local Ford dealership, a testament to a strong heritage of continuing to deliver a high-performance product that delivers on, and off, the track.

It was this date, January 27th, in 1965 that the Shelby GT350 was launched and even now, nearly five decades later, is still one of the most sought-after four-wheeled treasures for collectors everywhere.


For more information on the man Carroll Shelby, head over to  www.carrollshelby.comand to learn more about his machines, check out www.shelbyautos.com.

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