VIDEO: 1960 Ford Sunliner

While attending the 2012 ‘Back to the Beach’ Car Show, held at Arlington Toyota in Palatine, Illinois, we had a chance to catch up with a few of the owners for in-depth video interviews on their classic machines.

One such event participant was Tony Liedig, who owns this fully restored 1960 Ford Sunliner. From its glossy, mirror-black paint to its factory-fresh red interior, we knew we had to get a closer look at this stunning drop top.

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  1. Tony,

    I am Rick from Lombard, Illinois (USA). I love the 1960 full-sized Fords – especially the Starliner and Sunliner convertibles – my favorite of all the late 1950′s through early 1960 Fords!!

    I have never owned or even driven one (yet), but I have ridden in 3 of them. In 1962 (when I was 5 years old and stayed with a family for a few weeks in Florida when my parents were divorcing). The father of this family bought his teenage daughter a used red with red & black interior 1960 Sunliner Convertible and took his whole family and I to visit friends of theirs in it on a warn, sunshiny day. What a ride – and I
    believe their were 8 of us in it!

    What a beautiful car!! Then in 1966 when my family and I were living in Maryland, a neighbor who owned a 2-door “plain Jane” white with blue interior 1960 Ford Fairlane hardtop. He pulled out and overhauled the engine, but also found an exact identical Ford from a junk yard and day by day overhauled his engine, then placed it in the Ford from the junk yard. When he finally had the engine re-installed and running, I went for a ride with him while he was testing the brakes and suspension in the car from the junk yard.

    Then most recently, a Ford dealership parts manager in Lombard where I live who I met at a local car show a few years ago, had a red all-original 1960 Starliner with the tri-carb engine setup. It still had the standard manual transmission gear selector on the column and the manual choke on the dashboard and still looked and ran great – a lot of power for such a large, heavy vehicle!!

    I so hope to own my own some day myself and would love the opportunity sometime to see yours and
    go for a ride in it.


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