FEATURE: 1958 Edsel Villager


Kirk Swiatek had one stipulation when it came time to select a classic vehicle – he wanted a vintage ride with massive amounts of cargo room. As the drummer in the band, Lil Red and the Howlin’ Wolves, when Kirk rolls out, he’s bringing numerous cases of equipment with him. What Kirk settled on for his cargo demands was an all-original, unrestored 1958 Edsel Villager wagon.

Read the full feature on the Daily Herald to see how Kirk acquired his Amber Red and Snow White beauty and some of the tweaks he’s made since the purchase.Kirk Swiatek and his girlfriend, Amanda.

You also won’t want to miss the video feature to watch Kirk show some of the unique features that set the Edsel brand apart, now only when it was new in showrooms, but even today amongst the multitudes of other classic machines found on the area roads and highways.

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