CRUISE NIGHT: Miller’s Dog ‘N Suds, Ingleside

Classic cars parked at Miller's Dog 'n Suds in Ingleside, Illinois for cruise night.

Part of the shear joy and excitement found in the classic car hobby is in the on-road motoring experience.  Owning and restoring our four-wheeled gems is only half as much fun as firing them up and actually driving them. And if you’re looking for a local spot to cruise to, there’s no better destinatioClassic cars parked at Miller's Dog 'n Suds cruise night in Foxlake, Illinois.n to transport you to a doo-wap age than Miller’s Dog ‘N Suds drive-in. Located in Ingleside, IL, this ‘50s style old-time hop hosts classic car cruises every Saturday night and is a sure-fire way to take you back to a time of poodle skirts, letterman Classic cars parked at Miller's Dog 'n Suds cruise night in Foxlake, Illinois.jackets and gleaming street machines.

The cruise is now in its 22nd year and owner/operator Roy Miller couldn’t be happier with the response.

Roy Miller, owner of Miller's Dog 'n Suds in Ingleside, Illinois.

Roy Miller owns Miller’s Dog ‘n Suds.

“We have cars drive regularly from Winthrop Harbor, Cary, Milwaukee WI, Chicago and Beloit. Its not uncommon for 200 vehicles to come out,’ said the Antioch resident.

The Dog ‘N Suds chain was started in 1954 by two school teachers from Champaign, Il. Miller’s franchise was built and opened by his parents in 1967 and is still family owned and operated.

In addition to the old-time feel of the period drive-in and its Classic cars parked at Miller's Dog 'n Suds cruise night in Foxlake, Illinois.scenic, tucked away location, cruisers and spectators also come out for the unique homemade root beer. “We still make it fresh in a stainless steel vat in the basement and serve it in frozen mugs. Everyone loves the creaminess that you just can’t duplicate,’ said Miller.

This frothy beverage is the perfect complement to the rest of the drive-in’s cuisine of grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and milkshakes; all of which go perfectly with a parking lot jammed full of Detroit’s finest rolling creations.

Classic cars parked at Miller's Dog 'n Suds cruise night in Foxlake, Illinois.During the Saturday night cruises, Miller does restrict on-site parking for vehicles made prior to 1973, in keeping with the classic feel. “We just ask that the newer cars park across the street to preserve the look and feel,” said Miller. 

Also helping to set the vintage ambiance are plenty of music events throughout the summer. Each week you can expect to find a DJ spinning up your favorite yesteryear hits and some special events live personalities for listening pleasure. Coming up soon, you’ll find on June 23rd, Denny Diamond, a Neil Diamond tribute band and on July 21st an Elvis Presley impersonator will be singing the King’s greatest hits. Today is the season opener with ‘50s and ‘60s band, Tony and the Affects, going live while spectators and owners check out the cool cruising machines.

Classic cars parked at Miller's Dog 'n Suds cruise night in Foxlake, Illinois.Cruise nights, and the drive-in, are in full-swing through mid-October, based on the weather, as Miller doesn’t have a set closing date.

“After all these years the cruising crowd has come to know that they always have a welcoming place to come hang out and show off their special cars,” said Miller.Classic cars parked at Miller's Dog 'n Suds cruise night in Foxlake, Illinois.


If you’re looking for a slice of motoring nostalgia, then pack up the classic (or modern) and head to this special retro escape. It’s getting harder and harder to find such unique venues but Miller’s is doing their part is keeping the glory days of ‘50s Americana alive and easily within reach.

Watch our slideshow below to see some of the cool classics parked at the cruise or click here to view our full photo gallery.

**To see what events are going on near you, head over to our Cruise Calender**


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