Cruise Night

FEATURE: 1933 Ford Speedster

This custom street rod was built in a home garage.

David Taylor had always wanted a custom 1933 Ford and finally decided to build one himself ten years ago. Utilizing a fiberglass body with a steel nose and grill, the craftsman set about  creating his ultimate speedster cruiser.

David Taylor had Boyd Coddinton paint his custom hot rod.

David Taylor

A Chevy 350ci V8 was installed.

A 350ci V8 Chevrolet engine was installed on top of a custom built chassis and a Ford 9-inch rearend is responsible for getting the power to road. A Griffith aluminum radiator keeps things cool underhood and Hildebrandt wheels cover up front disc brakes and drums out back.  A 4-bar coilover rear suspension and a dropped axle 4-bar up front absorb any road abnormalities.

When it came time for paint and interior, David knew just the man for the job – one with a storied history of building ultra-cool machines. David told us: “I’ve been a big fan of Boyd Coddington ever since I was real little. When I knew I could finally afford to have something done by him, I promptly had the car shipped to his shop in California.” 

Boyd sprayed on aBoyd Coddinton completed the leather and tweed interior. custom mix of purple and black paint for the exterior, complemented with some unique artwork on the sides. A two-tone grey leather and tweed upholstery was used for the cabin space and covers the bench seat.

The whole project took David five years to assemble and in the five years since, he’s had no complaints. “Driving it is just a blast! I don’t know how else to explain it. Even just tooling around, you’ve got a great feeling seeing people’s reactions.”

When you spy this eye-catching SA toy model matches the rear Speedster quite nicely.peedster out and about, you’ll also find a miniature version David likes to include and show off.

“I came across this toy model car and the resemblance is pretty striking. I took it to a friend of mine who paints and he did it up just like my car. It’s a neat little touch that a lot of people get a kick out of.”

This custom 1933 Ford Speedster was built by David Taylor.This custom 1933 Ford Speedster was built by David Taylor.

David informed us he has no real future modifications planned for the full-size car other than keeping it aimed at an open highway and with his right foot down.

Sounds like a perfect long-term plan to us.


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