Cruise Night

FEATURE: 1967 Ford Fairlane GTA

This 1967 Ford Fairlane GTA was at the downtown Palatine, Illinois cruise night and has a 390ci V8 underhood.

While we were at the downtown Palatine, Illinois cruise night a few weeks ago, we chatted with Brian Bending, the event organizer, who gave us all the details and backstory on the weekly gathering. Naturally, a guy who likes classics enough to take the initiative to organize an event is going to have one cool cruiser himself.

Bryan Bending owns this restored 1967 Ford Fairlane GTA

Brian Bending is a long-time Ford fan.

We came upon the Detroit-built machine recently, and discovered Brian is a Ford man, driving a black-on-black 1967 Fairlane GTA. He bought the ultra-clean car nine years ago from a local dealer and hasn’t had to do much to get it in asphalt-ready condition.

“I spent a long time searching for one that was as close to being done as I could. I wanted something reliable and something I could drive anytime I wanted -trouble-free,’ said Brian.

Other than some minor interior work, the biggest change came in the form of the rolling stock. When he made the purchase, the sinister-looking GTA was wearing some tacky aftermarket wheels that didn’t strike Brian’s fancy.

A 390ci V8 is underhood this 1967 Ford Fairlane GTA.

A 390ci V8 is underhood.

“I swapped them out for a more nostalgia look and to keep it more original. I’ve never been a fan of the custom wheels and tires on the classics.”

Under the twin bulges on the hood is a 390ci Ford big block V8 that has been rebuilt for added muscle and mile-after-mile dependability.

“This is just a cruising car – plain and simple. Although, I do have plans of redoing it here in the near future. I’d like to pro-mod it and add suspension components and a bigger, big block.”

Bryan Bending drives his 1967 Ford Fairlane GTA to the downtown Palatine Illinois cruise night.As to the root of Brian’s blue oval passion?

“I’ve always been a Ford guy. My first car was a 1967 Galaxy 500. After that one and all the special memories, I’ve been hooked ever since.”


**To find out what events are going on near you, swing by our Cruise Calender**

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