DREAM GARAGES: 1950’s Basement

Rick Burke created this 1950's themed basement after seeing inspiration from diners and drive-ins.

Once a person falls in love with the fantastic world of classic vehicles, expressions for that passion may grow boundlessly. Rick Burke took his classic car creativity way beyond four wheels; he transformed his boring basement into a 1950s wonderland, drawing on inspiration from the neighborhood and his business.

Rick and Nancy Burke created a 1950's wonderland in their home basement.

Nancy & Rick Burk

“Over the years I saw a lot of rock ’n’ roll diners and drive-ins. Finally, I decided I would love to have a basement just like them,” the Inverness, IL resident said.

A corner booth adds to the 1950s feeling in Rick Burke's custom basement.

A corner booth adds a real diner feeling.

This TV stand was fabricated with real parts from a 1957 Chevrolet.

Real ’57 Chevy parts were used for this TV stand.


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A 1957 Chevrolet hood was made into a cabinet to hold model cars.

A ’57 Chevrolet hood was made into a cabinet.

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