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DREAM GARAGE: Classic Car Barn

Chuck Barnes's built this barn to house his horses and classic muscle cars.

Automotive enthusiasts love to measure their beloved four-wheeled machines’ capabilities by using the term “horsepower.” Chuck Barnes owns a stable-full of true classic muscle — real horsepower — in his modern horse barn.

A few years back, this Barrington resident built a free-standing barn to house not only his family’s show horses, but also his personal vehicles, each packing enough stallions under the hood to intimidate even the brawniest of V-8s.

Chuck and his wife Dawn, have built a barn to hold their classic muscle cars and horses.

Chuck and Dawn Barnes

While Barnes sees beauty in his collection, the “huge eyesore” of a horse barn initially caused some friction between he and his wife.

“She used to be able to have a wonderful view from our kitchen of the animals grazing in the pasture,” Barnes said.

**Want to keep reading to see how Ken’s wife came around to love the special place as much as he does?  And to also find out what kind of vintage iron he keeps in it?

Head over to our full feature on the Daily Herald HERE


One of the unique pieces in the garage is a limited edition Fat Tire Beer bicycle. A custom made bar has a full-length glass shadowbox to display memorabilia.

Some of the cool items in this classic car dream garage.Some of the cool items in this classic car dream garage.

One of the vehicles in the fleet is a 1957 Chevrolet Nomad, which came from an owner in Australia. It’s currently undergoing a full restoration. Chuck even has a few motorcycles.

Some of the cool items in this classic car dream garage.Some of the cool items in this classic car dream garage.


Chuck has customs, trucks and of course, muscle cars in his collection.

This dream garage houses not only classic muscle cars but also real show horses.

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