CAR SHOWS: Great Lakes, IL VA Hospital

When you go to an excess number of judged car shows, before long you’ll become too focused on one thing — going home with a sparkling new trophy. This can cause you to lose sight of one of the main tenants of the collector car hobby: showing your ride for the enjoyment of others.

One area event that prioritizes that altruistic feeling — gathering vehicles for a worthy audience — is the annual classic car show at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center in North Chicago.

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Classic cars were parked at the Great Lakes Naval Station VA hospital 12th annual car show.

Vintage military vehicles were onsite.



With the assistance of family, friends and volunteers, roughly 100 veterans were able to see the classic cars.

Numerous Chicagoland area car clubs participated in the show. One such group was the Chain-O-Lakes Model ‘A’ Car Club  which had numerous members come out with their antique vehicles.

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