Project Car

PROJECT CAR: 1940s Ford COE Truck

This 1940s cab over engine Ford looks like a great restoration project.We didn’t get a chance to catch up with whoever was hauling this 1940s cab over engine Ford work truck, but from what we saw, it looks to be a more than solid foundation for the start of an awesome new project vehicle. The vintage hauler was spied out on the West Coast and has a cab that appears to have been baked thorough by the warm California sun, with damage limited to signs of surface rust and a missing grille. This early 1940s cab-over-engine Ford is headed for a new restoration.

We couldn’t peek into the interior but would imagine it’s all there and dry, given the fairly good condition of the truck. From the shoot at the back of the barn red box and the dual rear wheels, it’s likely this dualie transported loads around a farm.

While there are a lot of unknowns, one thing we know for sure, whoever was hauling this heavy-duty blue oval has one cool ride. If the keys to this classic were in your hands, how would you overhaul it? Leave it as is in its full patina glory or go back to off-the-dealer lot shine?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The picture of the ’40s Ford Snubnose is mine and is now runnin’, rollin’, steerin’ and stopin’. I’ll send you some pictures later and it is a 1938. Everybody should have a snubnose ’38.

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