On the Road

ON THE ROAD: 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Carrier

This fully restored 1956 Chevrolet Cameo pickup looked great on the highway.

If you were in the market for a luxury pickup during the late 1950’s, it was hard to beat the opulence of Chevrolet’s Cameo Carrier line. Taking their recently overhauled for 1955 ‘Task Force’ truck design, Chevy added even more special features on the limited production Cameo with the intent of further emphasizing to buyers who the leader was in styling and appearance.

The voluptuous rear fenders were replaced with a flat, fleetside bed. Moulded Fiberglass of Ashtabula, Ohio, the same company that created the early Corvette bodies, was responsible for making the special fiberglass skins that were attached to the sides of the standard pickup bed.

Other visual differences were a split rear bumper, which hid the spare tire, and additional chrome trim and badging. Wheel-covers were the same as those used on the top of the line Chevrolet Bel Air passenger car. Only 1,452 Cameos pickups were produced in 1956 and carried a factory price tag of $2,144. These sought after collector half ton trucks had a GVW of 5,000 lbs and were available in eight, two-tone exterior color combinations.

Throughout its four-year production run (1955-’58), a total of 10,320 Cameo’s rolled off the assembly line. For those who didn’t care for the Chevy model, a similar truck could be had in the GMC variant.

With it’s rugged capability and elegant looks, the Cameo was the perfect rig for the owner who wanted to get a dirty job done during the work week and then with a simple wash, impress on Saturday nights out on the town.

This fully restored 1956 Chevrolet Cameo pickup looked great on the highway.

Our Arabian Ivory with Cardinal Red trim example was spied being towed along a Mid West highway. Wherever this bow-tie was headed, it was sure to turn heads given its fully restored, showroom ready condition.

Chevrolet was determined to get the message out that their Task Force trucks, like the Cameo, were better in every way for 1956. According to this period television spot, which highlighted the increase in Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), ‘anything less than a Chevrolet, is an old-fashioned truck’.


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