On the Road

ON THE ROAD: 1967 Beaumont

This 1967 Pontiac Beaumont was based on the Chevrolet Chevelle and only available in Canada

One of the great things about cruising the back roads, is you’ll never know what you’ll run into. Case in point is this GM classic machine that we spied while passing through small town Richmond, Illinois. At first glance, you may assume the blue beauty is one of Pontiac’s GTO varieties or some sort of Chevelle creation. Give it a closer inspection and you’ll find a ‘BEAUMONT’ badge across the rear panel. This may be where you scratch your head. But dig deeper into your memories of General Motors’ history and mentally go North and soon you’ll uncover the identity of the four-wheeled cruiser.

Beaumont was the stand-alone marque GM used in the Canadian market from 1966-1969. The vehicles were sold through Pontiac-Buick dealers and utilized a slightly tweaked Chevrolet Chevelle body with some Pontiac Tempest/LeMans/GTO trim and interior bits thrown in. Even the badge was different to help set the cars apart from its US siblings. The Pontiac arrowhead design was used but incorporated two maple leaves.

As with anything, nothing lasts forever and in 1970 the Pontiac LeMans replaced the Beaumont model. This cobalt ’67 example looked ready to hit the highways and is sure to stand out at whatever cruise night or show it’s parked in.

Do you have one of these rolling Canadian oddities?  Send us a few pictures and some memories to ClassicRecollections@gmail.com


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