CRUISING: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS


In recent years, the first-generation Chevrolet Camaro has wildly become a hot choice for enthusiasts to customize or turn into wild restomods. Such much so, that even coming across an unadulterated example like this 1967 convertible can sometimes be a rare occurrence. We have nothing against modern powertrains, high-tech electronics or big multi-piston disc brakes but every now and then we like taking in the simplicity that made the Camaro such a successful sportscar.

We stumbled upon this back-to-basics RS while it was parked at one of last summer’s cruise nights. The Granda Gold beauty stood out with it’s super clean interior and engine bay, that looked showrooom fresh. Another major draw was the uncluttered sheetmetal that lacked the all too typical ‘hockey-stripe’ stickers, ice cube tray hood adornments or any other add-on’s – be them factory or not. All in all, a great presentation highlighting the more simpler side of classic motoring.

DSC_3577_72 DSC_3578_72


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