CRCSE SHOW: 1968 Buick Sport Wagon

DSC_7518_72With very few exceptions, station wagons have sadly and slowly morphed into vehicles that are uninteresting, unappealing and downright impossible to find anywhere on a dealer’s showroom floor. That wasn’t always the case and if you require prove, look no further than this 1968 Buick Sport Wagon. Sweeping side sculpturing and cargo area skylights alert spectators that this family hauler was anything but ordinary. The example we came across at the show was in fantastic condition and packed the 350ci V8 underhood. For those buyers who really wanted to emphasis the ‘sport’ in their ride, an optional 400ci big block V8 could be had. Our Buick’s interior featured red upholstery and the owner had folded down the third row as part of the display, revealing just how much cavernous space was inside. The Sport Wagon didn’t last long with GM ending production in 1972, after first coming onto the market in 1964. If today’s carmakers are seeking to get buyers excited about wagon offerings, they simply need to look at these yesterday hauling classics for some much needed inspiration.

DSC_7510_72 DSC_7511_72 DSC_7513_72 DSC_7514_72 DSC_7516_72 DSC_7519_72

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  1. Congrts– Mike. I want a cut of the residuals & pay rights— After all the work I had to do to convince you to enter the show, I’m entitled to a cut.. Also did you notice that Fine looking Unrestored Riviera GS next to you ??? LOL– See what you missed @ WoW— and you said you were gonna at least spend a day down there with us– You upset Scott & Angel by not being a man of your word.

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