Cruise Night

CRUISING: Hurry up Spring!!

This custom restored 1970 Chevelle has us ready for 2013 summer cruising!

It’s no secret that there’s more than a few Midwest classic car enthusiasts who are more than ready for spring to finally arrive. It’s beginning to seem like warm temps have headed south for good with little chance of ever returning. But those veterans who have stuck around the Illinois area know that a little patience is well worth the wait. Once the cruising and show season hits, the Chicagoland area is humming with activity, with every day bringing opportunities to get out, enjoy the sunshine and see some ultra cool rides.

As we wait out the final days before the 2013 season kicks off, we figured we’d pass the time by asking what’s your favorite Chicago area summertime car event to go to? Whether it’s a show, cruise night, race event, swap meet or road rally, we’d love to hear what you car guys and gals are up. Use the comments below or if you have some pictures, send them over to

Need some ideas of things to check out this summer? Swing by our 2013 Cruise Night & Event Calender

Classic cars parked at the 2012 Chicago Train Museum car show.

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  1. Plans are in place for Mt Prospect’s Bluesmobile Cruise Nights every Saturday night from mid May through
    September. Location is in the west commuter lot at Rt 14 & 83 in downtown Mt Prospect. Time from 6 to 9pm every Saturday.

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