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FEATURE: 1960s Pontiac 2+2 Collection

22_Group_A_72Several solutions are available for cracking the high-performance algorithm. One equation involves a sleek, attractive body; a massive displacement engine, sporty suspension and a free-flowing, dual exhaust. Add it all up and the sum is exactly what the Pontiac brand had going for it during the mid-1960s. They called it the 2+2 and the math made sense. These vehicles had all the right components to equal Pontiac’s muscle-bound, intermediate-sized GTO — but in a much larger package. The integers in the model name were drawn from the European sports car nomenclature for two passengers up front with room for two more in back.

DH Full Feature Tease 'these'
Pontiac's 2+2 model was a performance model for muscle car enthusiasts.


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