FEATURE: Hostetler’s Hudson Auto Museum

Classic Hudson automobiles on display at Hostetler's Hudson Auto Musuem in Shipshewana, IN.The Hudson Motor Car Co. may be best known for its racing successes. However, there’s much more to learn about this innovative brand than its checkered-flag past. One place that delivers a robust education is Hostetler’s Hudson Auto Museum. This auto destination, nestled in the quaint Amish town of Shipshewana in northern Indiana about 140 miles from Chicago, is the brainchild of one very passionate and local enthusiast, Eldon Hostetler. “Dad grew up and still lives just one mile down the road,” said Eldon’s son, J.R. Hostetler, who serves as the museum manager. “He fell in love with the way Hudson engineered their cars.”

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  1. After owning a 1946 Hudson, I can relate with the auto. it was a fine piece of machinery…wish I had one again. Thank you.

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