Project: 1950 Ford F1 Pickup

Mike’s Garage has built quite the reputation for creating unique haulers. Case in point:  their 1931 Model A pickup that we featured a while back. So when we heard about their newest project, we were eager to know more. We made a stop by their Arlington Heights, IL location and shop owner, Mike Malesevic, gave us the scoop. The vehicle is a 1950 Ford F1 pickup that, up until a few months ago, had been sitting in a South Dakota farm field for fifteen years. Little surprise, the engine wasn’t running. Mike tells us all that was needed to get the tired powerplant to fire up was some new spark plugs, fresh gas, a good carb cleaning and ‘a little perseverance’.  See it humming in action. Don’t get too excited; the engine won’t be there for long. Mike is in the process of  sourcing an early 2000’s Ford F-150 Lightning with the hopes of migrating drivetrain components to the F1, namely the 5.4 V8 engine. We can’t wait to see the final product and can’t help but wonder, will (Ford) lightning strike twice? We hope so!

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