Original Owner

Calling all Original Owners!

Are you an original owner of a classic or vintage vehicle? We’re looking specifically for you! As part of the 2016 Daily Herald Cruise Nights we’re having a special display just for you. It’s an event exclusive and is called the ‘Original Owner Showcase’. Our passionate goal is to celebrate this special group of dedicated owners and to share their many years of motoring memories. In addition to being inducted into the showcase, there’s also premier parking at our events. Owners also will take part in a signing ceremony of our ‘Tribute Banner’. It’s a one of a kind show feature and unlike anything else going on at other car shows or cruise nights!

If you would like to submit your car (it must be older than 20 years, purchased new and accepted by our editorial Review Team), send a picture and a few short sentences about it to ClassicRecollections@gmail.com.

Get more info about the show here.

Our collection of inductees into our June 2016 Original Owner Showcase included:

  • Ralph Caliendo, 1974 Monte Carlo
  • Lou Vassos, 1967 Ford Mustang
  • Clive Fishman, 1972 Chevy Corvette

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  1. 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint convertible. My Uncle bought my sprint new in May of 64 and I was born in June of 64 in the same city, Denver Colorado. My Uncle WIllie gave me the Falcon in 1976 when I was 12 and I have had it ever since. Patrick

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