FEATURE: 1958 Chevrolet Apache

Jim ‘Wrench’ Guthrie has grown well-accustomed to the same old question asked by the spectators who see his 1958 Chevrolet Apache pickup. Most wonder incredulously, ‘Is the truck completed?’ While the vehicle may not have the glossy mainstream look many owners would opt to take, Jim has built for himself a unique ride that he’s more than happy […]

FEATURE: 1927 Chevrolet Capitol 1-Ton Truck

It’s easy to forget our beloved classic and antique vehicles, now babied and shielded from any harsh condition, were once daily performers for real heavy-duty work. Even quaint machines like Bill Grundy’s 1927 Chevrolet Capital truck — now restricted to asphalt duty — once regularly ventured off smooth road surfaces into crop fields and dirt trails. The vehicle […]

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