Classic Games for PC and Mobile

Every month we offer you a selection of the best video games on Android, and often, some of these titles are adaptations of classics released several years ago. Nostalgia or not, it also proves that quality does not suffer the effects of time.

So, we thought it might be time in these hours of year-end reviews to make a selection of the best Android adaptations of video games, whether they come from PC or game consoles. As usual, we will try to offer a maximum of different game styles.

The best ports of PC games and consoles

  1. Star Wars – Knight of the Old Republic

Also known as KOTOR, Star Wars – Knight of the Old Republic is one of the classics produced by Lucas Arts studios. Initially released in 2003 on the very first Xbox, this game is one of the first to put at the center of the story the Extended Universe of the cinematic saga. Excellent public and critical success, the boundaries of the RPG were truly pushed back. A great game.

  1. Max Payne

Released in 2001, Max Payne has a special feature that will make it famous. By proposing a dark-themed game, you play as a cop tortured and bruised by the murder of his wife and child. On medication, he agrees to infiltrate a mafia community in order to dismantle a drug ring.

The peculiarity we were talking about was the use of the Bullet Time. Made world-famous by the film Matrix in 1999, gunfights sequences can take on a whole new dimension as soon as you activate this mode. It thus allows you to create a slow-motion, making you able to aim in order to eliminate your opponents. A concept later used in Red Dead Redemption in particular. Max Payne will have three sequels, so the last one was in 2012.

  1. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is a 1995 RPG classic released by Super Famicom and later Super Nintendo. Quickly cult, The Game brings new revolutionary concepts for the time as the ends alternatives, secondary quests scripted and centered on characters. In short, it is considered one of the best games of all time.

Lost in time but accompanied by your friends, you learn that the planet is in danger. In a race against time, you will have to find a solution to prevent the end of the world.

  1. World of Goo

Released in 2008, World of Goo is a puzzle game developed by two former studios Electronic Arts. With the help of the Goos, you have to build structures so that you can guide these strange creatures to the exit door.

In a good game of reflection, the levels get stiff as you progress at the rate that the Goos vary and multiply. The full version costs in the 4, € but a free version also exists.

  1. XCOM: Enemy Within

Extension of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the style is still that of the turn-by-turn strategy game. It is a remake and reboot of a title released in 1994, UFO: Enemy Unknown. Combining real-time for the strategic phases and turn-by-turn for the fights, you have access to a particularly innovative and interesting dimension of the game.

Manage training, construction, research for the management phase. For turn-by-turn, go to action scenes, UFO crashes, and more where you will need to deploy the best operations in the field. Because yes, it’s about defending the planet from an alien invasion.

  1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Freely inspired by Brian De Palma’s Scarface, you are immersed in the 80s at Vice City, a replica of Miami. Still, as enjoyable as its predecessor GTA III, this chapter will impress not only by its retro atmosphere but also by the possibility of riding motorcycles. Another highlight is his original soundtrack, straight from the time (Blondie, Toto, Roxy Music, Run DMC, ELO, Talk Talk Talk)

  1. Portal

Exclusive to Nvidia and therefore only available for SHIELD and SHIELD portable tablets, Portal is a quirky and funny puzzle. Released in 2007, this first-person thought game takes you to evolve into different pieces using a portal gun, a gun that allows you to create a separate input and output (the Orange and blue circles).)

By teleporting through these doors objects or even your character, an artificial Intelligence will continuously challenge you, promising you a cake at the end of each challenge. Although the game has a relatively short lifespan, Portal is a real experiment to test. Also, know that there are solutions to get it for free on any Android device.

  1. Colin McRae Rally

Colin McRae Rally is named after a great world champion pilot in 1995 and disappeared in 2007 in a helicopter crash. A sad ending for a man who has faced many dangers in his unbridled racing on the most tortuous circuits on the planet.

Ten previously released the first part of his video game. Developed by Code masters and having made the good days of the Sony PlayStation, this is you will have understood a racing game all that there is of more classic but particularly well realized.

  1. Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution was released in 2008 on consoles. This title follows the series of Civilization developed by Sid Meier for PC. Build your empire and mark the history of your imprint, your influence.

This mobile adaptation was an opportunity to review the graphics but also the depth of field, thus optimizing the gameplay.

  1. Oddworld: The Odyssey of Munch

The third part of the Oddworld saga, you have, by playing as Abe during its Odyssey and its Exodus, been able to free the Mudokon people from the capitalist yoke played by the Glukkon, big bosses of the food chain Rupture Farms.

The Odyssey of Munch originally released in 2001, features Abe going to the rescue of the last survivor of the Gabbit people, Munch. This one was captured by scientists a little sadistic. This opus was the first of the series to feature in 2D and 3D. first released on Xbox, it experienced a youth coup last year when it was released on PSVita.


Here is for the non-exhaustive selection of the best adaptations of PC video games and consoles on Android. There are many titles we would have liked to add, and; this will probably be done later but, in the meantime, let us know which adaptations have caught your attention and which you would like to see included.

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